様々な靴は存在しますがファクトリーごとに得意なアイテムはやはり異なります、 そのファクトリーの生産技術、品質、伝統により生まれる逸品をVARISISTAのフィルターを通して展開していきます。


Launched VARISISTA the shoes brand started since 2011 in Tokyo.
Varisista with the brand name is a combination of "-ista" meaning a person with the "Variable".

Developing the wooden pattern (LAST) only for VARISISTA also developing original material according to design.

We are pursuing originality that is not elsewhere, by meeting with each professional carefully over time, shoes For finishing that affects the impression, it takes a longer time, exquisite deep-wash processing that requires high technology, vintage processing, and creates new value.
High quality shoes that produced by high skilled shoe craftsmen and continue to creating masterpiece by unique craftsmanship have attracted a lot of attention from inside and outside the industry.

Born in 1981, Tokyo Japan.